Progress... progress....

Nearly there on part 9 of Alpine Seasons! I didn't manage to place a single stitch on Saturday, which is really unusual for me. I had loads of work to do and then it was supermarket shopping and cooking for a couple of colleagues who came for dinner. It was better than expected but later too. In true Kiwi fashion one of the guests turned up 2 hours late! Our other guest was right on time (he's German, so we expected him to be spot on). What a difference culture makes!

Sunday was a great stitching day though and I'm almost at the end of part 9. There is a big border all the way round though, so I still have a few weeks' stitching on this one.


  1. Congrats on getting through part 9 - you're almost there with Alpine now! Woohoo!! :D

  2. fantastic effort Nicki... you really are doing some amazing stitching to be this close to the end.. it looks awesome...
    FYI... i am always 10 minutes early.. if i turn up on time to things people say i am!!

  3. Anonymous9:25 am

    Wow Alpine Seasons is are doing a fantastic job :)

  4. AS is an amazing design and you're doing such a lovely job on it, Nicki!

  5. That's an amazing design, Nicki and your job on it is fabulous!


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