A rare kitty pic

Here are my two lovely kittys sitting together peacefully in the sun. (Well, Lulu is in the sun, she's a sun baby - see how her coat has gone brown in the sun?!) It's not often I can get a photo of the two of them. Lulu is such a sweetie - when she sees me approaching she usually trills and gets up to say hello. But then the photo moment's gone! Polo is far more lazy, which is why I tend to have more photos of Polo than Lulu.

We're keeping a close eye on Lulu at the moment. She hasn't been able to move her tail properly for a few days. It seemed completely paralysed a couple of days ago but she can move it a bit now. She seems well and happy though, and we spoke to the vet and it doesn't seem like an emergency. We have an appointment tomorrow anyway just in case she doesn't get better.


  1. They are so cute!!!

    I hope everything's ok with Lulu


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