Spring exchange!

What a surprise this morning! I hadn't even started thinking about when I might get my Spring exchange, so when Martin handed me a parcel I was completely bewildered! Then I turned it over and saw 'SBEB Spring exchange' written on the back and the penny dropped! (click on the pictures for bigger ones)

Andrea sent this wonderful bag stitched with the latest Prairie Schooler freebie. I know a few people have stitched this one and I've been admiring it on other blogs, so it's a perfect choice! The bag is beautifully made and has our initials and the date on the back too.

And as if that wasn't enough - look at all the extra goodies I got! I seem to get some wonderful exchanges, I feel very lucky. Beads (a new make to me but they look lovely), charms (very cute), linen floss (perfect!), pins (always great!), fabric (yippee!), a postcard (I don't think I've ever been to the Derbyshire Peak District and I can't understand why - it looks stunning), and a card. Thank you SO much Andrea - you've completely spoilt me!


  1. What a wonderful exchange from Andrea - some gorgeous goodies, and the stitched bag is just lovely :D Way to go, Andrea!

  2. What a nice surprise for you Nicki! Andrea did a superb job!

  3. What a wonderful way to finish the PS freebie!! You'll have way too much fun using all those beautiful beads, charms, etc. :D

  4. Wow! Its lovely! :)

  5. This is so beautiful. You're a very lucky and deserving stitching - you do beautiful things for people too.

    Well done, Andrea.

  6. What a lovely exchange, Nicki.


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