What a hectic few days!

It's all very well taking a birthday day off, but that meant I got behind in my work (which was behind anyway because it's hard to concentrate with in-laws all over the house). So, it's been all go right through the weekend to catch up. I barely had time to put more than a dozen stitches in my Quaker on Saturday between work and rushing off to a family dinner with my NZ family! We had a lovely time though, and I got given this darling set of herbs as a birthday present, and a wonderful book on cats (The Cat's Whiskers - New Zealand writers on cats)!

I really miss having a proper garden (we just have trees and NZ bush), so I'm going to have to look after my herbs!

Yesterday was work and today was work and then seeing the in-laws off home. It's very weird having a quiet house again!

I don't have much stitching to show you, so I'm leaving you with two of my birthday cards - aren't they great!


  1. Those cards ARE great, Nicki! It's always wonderful to see the family, but nice to have the house back to normal again. :D


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