Monday, April 24, 2006

Another finish

But a little one. Here's Renée's RR finished and ready to post back to her. I stitched the Winter tree. I think it looks lovely and I hope she's pleased with it!

Thank you everyone for your comments on Alpine - I really appreciate them all. It's been wonderful to have so many people visiting and commenting, and some emails too. Thank you!

There's been something wrong with me since finishing Alpine though - I haven't started anything new!! I have two or three things ready to go, but all I fancy doing is my RR and exchange stitching and finishing things I've already started! Weird! I hope it lasts - it would be nice to see some progress on some other WIPs!


  1. Renne's RR looks so lovely! Beautifully seasonal :)

  2. This RR looks gorgeous, I'm sure Renée will love it!!!

  3. Renee will be so excited when it lands in her mailbox, Nicki!
    Go ahead and stitch on your WIPs. The need to start something new will strike soon enough. :D

  4. looks wonderful, what a beautiful RR...
    lucky you not wanting to start something new...
    i have had an endless voice screaming in my head/haed... i am going to crack soon...
    enjoy the desire to stitch wips whilst it lasts...