A bit of enabling...

Look at this! Isn't it lovely? It's a block of the month pattern (Leanne's House) from Honeysuckle Cottage.

I saw it on Mercedes' blog a few days ago and she's received the first block already. Pop over to see the lovely fabrics! I've never made a patchwork quilt, and I really can't afford this, but I'll be watching to see how it goes - it's a little bit different and I really like it!


  1. This is a beautiful project, Nicki. I'll be watching from the sidelines with you though, lol!

  2. i hsve a number of friends stitching this one..
    nicki i have heaps of resources which include things like this.. let me know if you want any of her style stitchery things etc.. and i can look through my collection.. the cost of this to do as a BOM was terrifying and i was glad i had moved back to xstitch


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