Thursday, April 06, 2006

How will I celebrate?

Fudgey asked how I was going to celebrate finishing Alpine. Well, I do have a few things planned for when I finish it.

In no particular order....

1. Start The Token (using Gloriana's Cranberry over one on 32ct Haystack from Countrystitch)
2. Start Tomboy (over one on 25ct cream lugana)

3. Start CHS alphabet SAL with Karen (over one on 28ct Merino from Countrystitch - waiting for rest of threads)
4. Start Merry Cox SAL with Danielle (Shaker Spool Holder from SANQ vol 41 - waiting for fabric)

5. Pick up Earth again for the Wednesday Quickstitch SAL
6. Pick up Petal Fairy again and work towards finishing her
7. Pick up Winter's Eve or Midi I and work towards finishing it
8. Turn my Four Little Hearts into a pinkeep
9. Catch up on the Quaker Mystery
10. Find a small something to stitch for the centre of my thread keeper
11. Stitch Renée's RR piece
12. Finish my Sampler Lady exchange
13. Start a baby blanket for my sister's baby (due in June)
14. Start the Snapperville charts (on 32ct Clay Belfast)

Just a few things waiting to be done as you can see! LOL!

I'm going the do The Token over one - votes were consistently higher for over one. So I'll be changing the poll to which Chatelaine should I pull out once I get Alpine finished! Go and vote!!

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