March stitching report

I was tempted to play an April Fool's joke and tell you I finished Alpine Seasons, but I don't think you'll believe me! But I did have a good stitching month, and I met each of my goals (yippee). Here they were:

March goals
1. Send off my TWRR done!
2. Finish and send off Leena's birthday exchange replacement done!
3. Finish and send off Dawn's RR done!
4. Stitch and send off my Spring exchange done!
5. Finish part 9 of Alpine Seasons done!
6. Start part 10 of Alpine Seasons (I'm aiming for half of it done) almost half of the frame done
7. Start the TWRR round 2 finished!
I also stitched the Four Little Hearts freebie and started my Sampler Lady exchange!

And here's the proof for a couple of them:

Alpine, part 9 done and part 10 started.

Round 2 of the Teresa Wentzler RR. This is Stasha's RR and she's having ornaments on hers.

I can't show you Leena's exchange or the Spring one yet as neither have arrived.

The goals worked so well for me I'm doing it again. Fairly simple this time:

April goals
1. Finish Alpine Seasons
2. Start Renée's RR (I'd like to get it done but that might be a bit ambitious)
3. Make progress on the Sampler Lady exchange


  1. Alpine is stunning, Nicki.

    The TW ornament is lovely.

    Can't wait to see pictures of your exchanges!

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. I like your list of April goals - short, but sweet. :D You've been very productive in March tho and you should be very proud!


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