More stash!

The stash I ordered with my birthday voucher from Becky and money from the in-laws has arrived! I don't think I've ever had so much thread turn up all at once. And lovely stuff it is too.

Here it is:

I got:
CHS Scarlet Berries and the NPI silks for it
Gentle Arts threads for the CHS alphabet SAL
Crescent Colors threads for Sweet Little Berries (a LHN freebie I've been wanting to do for ages)
Dinky Dyes Midnight for the Quaker Mystery Sampler
A skein of Needle Necessities to see what shade of red it was (I think it's too bright for its intended use, but I'll find something to do with it!)
Kreinik for HAED's Tomboy
Three packs of Piecemakers 28 needles (my favourites!)


  1. Ooh! What lovely stash! You're having a great stash time at the moment aren't you?

    I think you may have enabled me with the Scarlet Berries too. I really like the chart but hadn't seen it with the threads yet!

  2. Great stash, Nicki!!!

  3. what a haul...
    i am very drawn to the Scarlet berries chart and also even more so now i have seen the threads that go with it

  4. Congratulations on some marvelous stash, Nicki!!

  5. Great stash haul, Nicki - that Scarlet Berries chart is lovely, and the threads are totally scrummy :D What a great way to spend your birthday $ :D


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