Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A pick-me-up

I was feeling very blue yesterday - a rather virulent attack of 'I want to be back in the UK' - and was desperately trying to cheer myself up. Alpine Seasons is coming along nicely (I should be finished over the Easter weekend), but I wasn't happy. So, I went through the list of things I would be starting when I finished Alpine and picked out The Token to cheer myself up. I love it already and although I'm still a bit low it definitely helped!

(Gloriana Cranberry over 1 on 32ct Haystack lugana from Countrystitch)


  1. One more reason why it's so necessary to have a nice stash pile on hand.
    I hope the blues lift from you real soon, Nicki!!

  2. Aww this is lovely, Nicki. I hope you are feeling better today!

  3. Beautiful piece you've started there. I haven't spotted this one in the LNS so I had to look it up :)
    Hope this does the trick for you.

  4. Oh no, sorry to hear you've been having the ex-UK blues ... I can relate to that :/ What a glorious project to pick out to pick you up, though - it looks beautiful already! And of course any time stitching with Gloriana silks has to be a pick-me-up, they're too scrummy for words! :D