I have a confession to make - I bought a chart! I should stop reading other people's blogs. It's the only way to stop seeing lovely new things!!

Ash had a lovely Blackbird Designs finish a week or so ago, and of course I clicked on the links in her post (I should definitely stop doing that!) and saw Strawberry Garden. And I clicked further and had a good look at the Loose Feathers patterns for the first time. And finally I clicked various needlework stores and ended up ordering Strawberry Garden (I had to - it's a limited edition!) from Elegant Stitch and signing up for the rest of the year!!

So here's the chart that's broken the resolution - it arrived already! - together with my monthly bits from Stitching Bits and Bobs.


  1. What a sweet design and it's always wonderful to add to the floss collection! I really have to go on the wagon now after my Seattle trip. Need to actually stitch from my stash for awhile! :D

  2. hey, just one chart won't hurt! and a very nice one too :)

  3. We won't tell a soul. :)

  4. What's an extra bit of stash between friends? LOL. Actually, I'm not a fan of these designs normally, but I absolutely love the Strawberry one - it's no wonder you succumbed to the temptation and had to buy it! Look forward to seeing it stitched up :D


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