Two good reasons to be happy!

Two good reasons to be happy today (and I'm not even counting the fact that it's a long weekend and the sun is shining!)

First, Fudgey was very naughty and sent me a gift to cheer me up - the Capricorn Sara Butcher Quick Stitch from HAED (Capricorn is DH's zodiac sign). Thank you so much! You know I love it! Once I get Earth finished I'll move onto Pisces and then Capricorn. And then on to Air and then Winter (I have great ambitions!)

The second reason to be cheerful is that my replacement birthday exchange for Leena arrived safely! No sign of the first one, but at least one has made it. It's a freebie from Little House Needleworks (which I'm afraid I can't share), stitched on 32ct New Dawn from Countrystitch. I decided not to do the House Gameboard again just in case the first one turns up. And besides, I want to stitch it for myself and I don't think I could face doing it three times! I knew Leena liked houses though, and this was cute.


  1. Oh wow, that's a gorgeous little chart - and the pillow looks stunning! What a pain the first gift never turned up - don't blame you for not wanting to stitch the same thing three times! Awesome job on your exchanges as always :D

  2. This one is lovely too, Nicki. With some luck, the first one will arrive one day...
    BTW, I'll go to the PO tomorrow to complain about the package I sent to you (for the Bday exchange) more than one month ago... I will keep my fingers crossed...

  3. Nicki, I hope your original gift shows up one day, perhaps on a day when Leena really needs a lift! In the meantime, this replacement is adorable and I'm sure she's displaying it proudly. :D


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