No frogs here!!

I got this wonderful surprise parcel from Cathy today (I'm her adoptee as part of the Adopt-a-Stitcher exchange). It's to keep the frogs away!! It's really given me the giggles!

There's a lovely frog prince (love the buttons on him Cathy!), froggy magnetic clips, a frog card, pins, and a lovely thread keeper (it's going to be great for travelling as it's got a thread cutter and a magnet on it too).

And - the most fun of all - this great scissors fob! I don't have one single scissors fob (I've given all the ones I've stitched away) so this is going on my scissors to keep those frogs away!

Thank you Cathy! I love it! What a fantastic idea!


  1. These are so gorgeous. What a great surprise.

  2. What wonderful things!!! Here's to keeping the frogs away. : )

  3. how cute..
    froggy girl ( that would be me) LOVES that scissor fob...
    great idea Cathy..
    Nicki it is permanently like christmas at your place

  4. Anonymous9:37 am

    What a lovely gift. I keep reading about adopt-a-stitcher, but where is that run from??? I would love to be part of an exchange like that.


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