Friday, May 19, 2006

Over one update

Here they are - my over one projects!

The Token - 1 over 1 on 32ct with Gloriana Cranberry. I've added in the date of our anniversary already.

Earth after this week's SAL - 1 over 1 on 28ct.

And the Shaker Spool Holder - mostly 1 over 1. I haven't done a lot more but it's coming along. And I'm happy with the multicoloured flowers now!

Some of you asked if I had any tips to share about over one stitching. Well, not really, I just stitch! I only started stitching over one last July, but I find it quite easy. I've always been into tiny fiddly things though... The only thing I can say is that I've noticed my tension isn't as tight as most people's. I have no idea if that makes a difference or not!

1 comment:

  1. They are all beautiful. I can't wait to seem them all - and especially Earth - in person again. Maybe when we catch up with Anne?