Sampler Lady exchange received

I got the loveliest Sampler Lady exchange today from Karin in NY. This is an exchange on the Legacy BB, and we had to stitch something with a Lady on it. These have been house exchanges before, and I'm really pleased that my exchange has a Lady and a house on it!

Karin made me a beautiful needlecase, tied with silk ribbon and lined with purple fabric. It's stitched with a lovely variegated thread on a hand-dyed fabric. I really like it!

There's a packet of needles inside (I forgot to take them out for the photo), and Karin also sent me a cute notepad and an Elizabeth Bradley kit with a cat on it!

It's just perfect as I love Elizabeth Bradley! I've done a few of her kits (including a big carpet) but they are so expensive here. Thank you so much Karin!


  1. very nice....
    i was eying off the kitty chart when i first clicked onto your blog... it is a nice one she has excellent taste...
    thanks for posting the borse instructions too...
    makes life so much easier than figuring it out for myself

  2. Anonymous2:39 pm

    The needlecase is beautiful. I am a real fan of using variegated threads. The Elizabeth Bradley kit is a goody too.

  3. That's a lovely exchange!


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