We made a decision!

DH and I have been talking about what we're going to do for quite a while now, and last night we decided - we're going to move back to the UK! Not for about a year - we have to sort stuff out with the business and the cats need blood tests and a clear result for at least 6 months. And we don't want two winters back to back - we did that coming over here and it was miserable! But hopefully this time next year we'll be back in the UK - or nearly.

It's no reflection on NZ - we just don't feel we fit in here. We're more English than we realised! We really miss our families and friends and all sorts of things. I've been pretty miserable on and off the whole time, and it's a bit of a struggle all round with work and stuff. We told our parents last night and they were so happy!

So, it's good news, and hopefully we can enjoy our last year here and maybe actually get to see some more of the country before we leave! Goodness knows what we'll do when we get back, but at least it will be home!


  1. Hugs. I'm not really surprised to hear this though. I got that impression. It must be hard in a foreign place working at home too, as you don't have so many opportunities to fit into the new place.

    I know we don't see each other all that often, but I'll miss you. I'm glad you're not going straight away.

  2. Oh, that's wonderful news Nicki. Good for you that you managed step back and realize you weren't happy in NZ. It is not always easy to question oneself so. I'm sure you'll enjoy this last year much, much better now, knowing you'll be heading home eventually...

    Oh! And when you're back, we should really do a get-together with all the friends from the UK and the Netherlands and France some day! :)

  3. That's great news Nicki! And you're back to the UK, I hope you won't have to wait 7 weeks until you receive a parcel from me ;)

  4. I'm glad you guys know "where your home is".
    I hope the preparation for the move goes well and is as painless as possible.
    It must be hard to be seperated from your family - I know I don't like it that most of mine is in the UK. The important ones (Dad and Lucy) are here in Aussie though, so that's where I am.

  5. It's good that you've finally made your decision about moving back home - even though it's not for a while, you'll probably feel more settled within yourself knowing the decision is made. I'm glad to get to meet you before you go :) It's hard to be separated - even though Mum (and Dad, but mainly Mum) is only in NZ, I still miss them like heck. I haven't seen my Dad in 2 years now, but luckily Mum comes to visit me for a rest haha - the rest of my family are in Yorkshire (Mum's side), but because I've grown up away from them, it's not as hard living apart - it would be much much harder growing up with them all as an adult and then moving on as you have - I wholeheartedly understand why you need to make the move. And it's hard to 'fit in' ... it's taken me just under 3 years here before I'm finally getting to know people outside work and feel more settled. Sorry for waffling ... ;P


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