Winter's Eve

It's been so long since I worked on this! Last year some time. Other things have got in the way. Anyway, I pulled it out for the Stitchathon on the Friends Gather board, but sadly stitching time was a bit limited over the weekend. And I discovered most of the cross stitch on part 4 is in metallic thread - not my favourite! Still I got a little done and I think I might make it my Stitchathon project each month.

Talking of Chatelaines - I forgot to say Alpine Garden Seasons arrived safely in the UK in time for my parent's anniversary and they LOVE it! They were a bit choked up on the phone about it. My mum doesn't embroider at all but she has a couple of friends who are very into the Embroiderer's Guild and she's been showing it off to them proudly! They've been pointing out all the different speciality stitches to her!

Other friends of theirs emailed me some photos of some of the anniversary celebrations - so kind of them. So here's the Golden Anniversary couple!


  1. Wow, Winter's Eve is a gorgeous design, Nicki!
    And congratulations to your parents :)

  2. Winter's Eve looks gorgeous.
    Congratulations to your parents, they seems to be so happy on the picture :)

  3. Congrats to your parents.
    Winters Eve look amazing.

  4. Hi Nicky, my english is very bad, sorry, I understand you but I don´t know write very well. I´m happy to see my blog in your list (http// and to know you´ll doing the Leanne´s House Boom too, it´s a wonderful work. Maybe you speak french ? It´s more easy to me.

  5. Hi Nicki! Playing catch up on blog reading here, lol!
    I'm so glad that you and dh have made the decision to move back home. Being unhappy and unsettled for too long isn't good.
    Loved seeing all your projects and am simply amazed at your over one work! Just excellent!

  6. Anonymous10:50 am

    Winters Eve is gorgeous. Those Chatelaine designs are so beautiful...the only ones that have found their way into my stash so far are the freebies :)


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