Friday, June 16, 2006

Another round finished

Here's the latest round of the Teresa Wentzler RR. This one was Charlie's and I stitched the border from Nativity. The colours are lovely in reality and the whole thing was looking really good.

Having got one RR round out of the way I promptly signed up for another one! I've joined a HAED RR of all things! I think I must be losing it completely - it's going to be a major commitment. My name is Nicki and I'm an exchange and round robin-aholic......


  1. Very nice RR Nicki. You will enjoy the HAED one, what sort of thing will you all be doing? Can't wait to see all the ones that go around.

  2. Lovely piece! Can't wait to see your new RR ;)

  3. whimper....
    infact throws herself on the floor and wails..

    iwant to do a RR with Nicki, Sheri and Michelle...
    three of my fav stitchers in the world..

    true i am stitching with my other fav stitchers right now , but i want it all....

    feel free to pick my brains for ideas!!