B is for Bird.... (edited to answer questions!)

It was SAL weekend for Karen and I on the Carriage House Samplings alphabet, so here's my contribution - B. It was reasonably quick, not too many colour changes in this one.

The photo isn't the best - it's so small I think I got in a bit too close! (It's 1 over 1 on 28ct)

Many thanks for all the comments. Especially to the new people who've been leaving comments. I really appreciate it!

To answer some queries:
I find stitching over one faster than over two as I just use one thread and don't have to think about laying threads neatly. Apart from that it's the same as over two really except the stitches are tiny! And no, I don't have good eyesight - I just stitch very close to the fabric!

I'm using all the recommended GAST threads (over one uses less thread - another good reason to do it!). Although some of them aren't very variegated and I'm sure the DMC would look just as good.

And I'm stitching on 28ct Merino hand-dyed lugana from Countrystitch. 28ct evenweave is my favourite for over one with a lot of colours (although for huge numbers of colours I think 25ct works really well too.)


  1. just gorgeous...
    i repeat... it looks so much better 1x1 than 2x2 IMO especially when your 1x1 stitching is so exquisite... it will look incredible when you finish...

  2. I love this series, and it's especially exquisite over one! :D

  3. Anonymous10:17 am

    Very nice :)


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