Mid-year stitching report

We're halfway through the year, so I think it's time to look at my progress for the whole year so far. It doesn't look like too much but I've done a lot of small things and made a far bit of progress on my goals for the year. I've started way too much though and not worked enough on projects I've carried over from last year! The rest of the year needs to be about getting some of those finished!

Don't Bug Me (Waxing Moon Designs - gift for Becky)
A Mon Ami Pierre heart (gift for Karen)
Two Sheep (Little House Needleworks freebie - gift for Sylvie)
Four Little Hearts (Indigo Rose freebie)
Alpine Seasons Garden (Chatelaine)
Sweet Little Berries (Little House Needleworks)
A secret gift that needs posting!

Exchanges completed:
Garden-themed exchange
Birthday exchange for Leena x 2
Spring exchange
Sampler Lady exchange
Summer exchange
House exchange

Round robins completed:
Seasonal RR rounds 3 and 4
Teresa Wentzler RR rounds 1, 2, 3, 4

The Token (Long Dog Samplers)
Shaker Spool Holder (Merry Cox)
Carriage House Samplings alphabet (as a SAL)
Tomboy (HAED)
Pisces (HAED)
Quaker a 6 Mains (freebie)

Progress made on projects from 2005:
Earth (HAED)
Winter's Eve (Chatelaine)

No piccies to show you - I have too much secret stitching going on!


  1. You've had a busy year with some wonderful accomplishments!

  2. You have a great list of finishes so far! I'll be lucky if I finish Magic Witch before the end of the year(and I'd be thrilled with that!).

    I like the new look of your blog--very summery(is that even a word?).

  3. Wow! You have done so much! And participated in so many exchanges and RRs. I would like to join an exchange or two, too, but lately I've been really bad at sticking to deadlines... It's not like me at all, so I'm hoping I'll get back to normal soon (I think there have been too many changes in the past year and too many uncertainties).

  4. Wow, you have been a busy bee and what a great first half of the year you have had (sounds a bit like football commentry but there it is).
    I'd forgotten you had started Pisces. Looking forward to seeing your secret stitching revealed.

  5. You've had some beautiful finishes this year - especially Alpine Garden! Your 2006 aims list says you've started Air? Would love to see it. I have started Water, but to be honest, I am not happy with how it looks. Congrats on your progress this year!

  6. Your year is off to a great start!

  7. I actually think you've accomplished quite a lot so far ... don't like the fact you're doing more secret stitching, though - that means I have to practice patience until the recipient gets them so I can see them ;P haha. Looking forward to seeing them in time :D

  8. Anonymous7:42 pm

    You've done really well this year so far, particularly with your exchanges :) Congratulations Nicki!


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