A Tomboy update

I've been struggling to put Tomboy down ever since I started her a couple of weeks ago. I really love her! I have been stitching a gift for a friend and the next round of the Teresa Wentzler RR, but every couple of days I need to pick Tomboy up again! I'm trying to put her down though - I have lots of exchanges coming up, and the RR, and the baby blanket to start. And I want to work on the Token and Leanne's House too! I may have to work out a rotation again....

Here she is so far. I have a three section thing going - the sky at the top, the wall to the left and her face. I've been doing a couple of days on one then moving to the next.

1 over 1 (of course!!) on 25ct lugana. The edges are straight - it's my photography that's wonky, she's too big for the scanner already!


  1. She looks great Nikki. I must get my QS Motherhood out again and start stitching on her.

  2. Wow, it looks like a photo!!!

  3. This design is amazing! Wonderful stitching Nicki! :D


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