A wet weekend's work...

I was going to stitch on Winter's Eve this weekend for the stitchathon on the Friends Gather board, but Tomboy was giving me a 'don't you dare ignore me' look, and I ended up working on her from Friday afternoon through to Sunday night! I did a few rows of sky (not that you can really tell) and a lot of the princess herself. (As usual - the edge is straight but the photo was taken at an angle)

At one point I have to admit she looked a little weird - all head and chest. It looked as if she was going to be an armless nude! I had to do the bit of dress across her front as fast as possible, and then more hair so she looked less odd. I love how the dress is coming out...

It's on to bits and pieces now this week. I've got a gift that's nearly finished and I'm halfway through my summer exchange. I've got my partner's name for the house exchange too. I'd like to get the first two finished this week and make a good start on the house exchange! It's cold and wet and windy and really wintery here, so a good time for stitching.


  1. WOW!!!

    She's looking so beautiful. It makes me want to do a black and white one. Please stop me!

  2. She's looking amazing Nicki.

  3. stunning....
    i'm like Kerry i get this urge to do a B and W everytime i look at someone elses, especially a Selina one...

    have you checked out Victory... hadn't given it a second glance until recently and it is screaming at me as loudly as tomboy and Love Me Not...
    isn't addictive seeing the colours create such magic.....

  4. WOW, Nicki! That's just more amazing each time you show us!

  5. Beautiful piece Nicki! Can't wait to see your next update on her

  6. I saw your post a week ago, and just realised I still haven't commented ... duh! Just wanted to say I think Tomboy looks absolutely stunning - if she had legs she could walk off the fabric ;) Your latest TW RR looks great too :D


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