I haven't bought a book for.... well so long I can't remember the last time. In fact, I was in a complete reading slump last year for a good 6 months. But I've been reading more and more recently and yesterday I not only got a book in the post that I'd ordered, but we also went over into the city centre and I splashed out in Borders. I could have bought a lot more but books are so expensive here. Still, this is what I got:

Pride and Prescience by Carrie Bebris - a mystery featuring Mr and Mrs Darcy (of Pride and Prejudice). No idea if it'll be any good but it'll definitely be of interest to me as a Jane Austen and mystery fan!

Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs - this was the only one of hers they had so I nabbed it. I've been wanting to try her out for ages.

Blood and Circuses by Kerry Greenwood - number six in the Phryne Fisher series. I'm slowly working my way through them - they're great!

Island to Abbey: survival and sanctuary in the books of Elsie J Oxenham 1907 -1959 by Stella Waring and Sheila Ray (this is the one that came in the post). This is a study of Elsie Jeanette Oxenham, who wrote wonderful schoolgirl books in the early to mid 1900s - very old-fashioned jolly-hockey-sticks-type things. The type you either love or hate. I love them!


  1. I've wondered about Pride and Prescience. Hooray, someone else is going to read it and can tell me if I should.

    I'd love to read more Kathy Reichs and Kerry Greenwood myself, but I such a back catalogue of books at the moment, I'm trying to avoid buying more where possible.

  2. Oh! nice haul! Did they have the paperchase gear? I think it is pretty poor they didn't have the Reich's back catalogue, something tells me I wouldn't be a happy librarian in NZ.

  3. Oh books, I love books. Have you ever read books by Jodi Picoult? She is one of my favorite authors and is wonderful. Ann.

  4. Lol..
    i have all the Reichs books and went to Borders in Melbourne on the weekend and bought the latest...
    but i also bought the latest Stephanie Plum Novel which will be read first..
    i need a laugh..
    great haul Nikki ,...

  5. I'm very eager to hear how you like Pride and Prescience. That would be a great story to follow up those great characters.

    I'm a Kathy Reichs fan - I'm read all of them except for the latest 2, I'm waiting for the paperbacks to come out...I'm just a cheapie, I guess.

  6. Its a shame that such a high price is put on words and education!

  7. Nice book haul there, Nikki :) I love to read and discovered Kathy Reichs books this summer. I'm not sure if you get the TV series called "Bones" - it's inspiration was her Tempe Brennan series. I read the first three books of that series in the last month!!!

    BTW, Earth is looking spectacular!

  8. Ooopsie, spelt your name wrong in my earlier comment - sorry, Nicki!!

  9. I picked up Island to Abbey when I was on holiday and promptly read it from cover to cover. It's great to discover other EJO fans :)


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