Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Here's the latest round of the Teresa Wentzler RR. It was a really quick stitch compared to the other ones I've done so far. I hope Kari doesn't mind that it's such a slim band, but she has a couple of heavy motifs above it so I thought this would balance them out a bit. It's the middle band from English Garden Sampler.

Having done that I need to decide what exchange or gift to stitch next and, in perfect timing, this arrived in the post - a package from Elegant Stitch with the latest Loose Feather (which I LOVE!), fabric for Quaker Garden, and two threads I need for an exchange. (This was all paid for last month so it doesn't count towards my $50 - phew!)

I am so tempted to start Secret Garden for a gift (I know it's going to be stitched at least twice) and I'd love to join in with the Quaker Garden SAL currently going on. I'll think about it and let you know what I decide!


  1. I really like this new Loose Feathers as well Nicki - perfect for the upcoming redwork exchange I'm thinking! I may have to give in.

  2. Love it! Gotta have it. No - I can't buy any more!! Argh!!!

  3. How lovely, Nicki!

  4. Your band on the TW RR is gorgeous.

    I got the new Loose Feathers chart and threads in the post this morning too (from Drema)! :) It's lovely, isn't it? I hope you join the QG SAL... it really stitches up fast, Nicki... you'd be finished it by the time you made up your mind whether to do it or not, honestly.. ;)

  5. Nicki, you should definitely do the QG SAL. It is a fun, quick stitch. Your alphabet is looking beautiful and congrats your 31 things list! Enjoy!

  6. Nicki i have this theory... neither of us should read each others blogs.. too much enabling takes place...
    i an constantly ignoring your loose feathers stuff in fingers in ears lalalala sort of way..
    i just can not go there..

  7. Isn't mail stash great! Except that it tends to just want to make you drop everything else and start stitching on the newest stash. I love the new Loose Feathers chart - its making me really want to join this!

    And your TW RR is gorgeous!!!

  8. Your latest TW RR is lovely - and I have to admit, I love the latest Secret Garden chart - it's no wonder you're so pleased with it, with that lovely red ;) Look forward to seeing you stitching it.