August stitching report

Another month gone and more things finished! I had a good stitching month, although I really need to cut back on the exchanges. I finished two, have nearly finished a third, and have two left to go. They're fun, but I want to get back to some of my WIPs.

Redwork exchange
Birthday exchange for Sylvie
HAED RR round 1
TWRR round 6
Surprise gift for a friend

Needleroll exchange

Progress made on:
Carriage House Samplings alphabet SAL
Earth (HAED)
Petal Fairy (Mirabilia)
Air (HAED)
Leanne's House quilt

I did manage more work on Petal this week though. She's so nearly finished. Just the flower left to do and the last of the beads to add. (Tina - I will have to buy a second packet of the darker beads - I'm about 25 short.)

Sorry about the photo - that's my fleece in the bottom and the fabric's very crumpled. I took it in a rush in between sitting with Polo to keep her company. She's slowly hopping round her room but she's beginning to feel bored. Lucky I work from home and can proofread anywhere!


  1. Crumpled material and all, it does not matter, she is looking so beautiful! Wow, just a fantastic job you are doing.

  2. Nicki she is looking great! Before you know it you will be finished!

  3. Your Petal Fairy looks incredible! I love the colors of floss against the linen. :)

  4. Nicki, your finished list is very impressive... I love exchanges but they can take up time... I always kick myself tho' when I didn't sign up and then start to see the photos :)

  5. WOW all those finishes Nicki, I'm impressed and they're all fantastic. Petal Fairy looks great too.

  6. Your fairy is gorgeous! Congrats on all your accomplishments! Hope Polo feels better!

  7. Your Petal Fairy is so pretty!

  8. You certainly accomplished a lot in August! Congrats! The Petal Fairy is lovely.

  9. Petal Fairy is looking so pretty! That stinks you are short on beads though! It is good that you are able to be there for Polo to comfort her in her room. Hope she's doing better!

  10. Great progress in August!

    Isn't it too hard to believe that we're on the threshold of September already???

  11. Wow, I can't believe it! Petal Fairy is now oh so close to finished! Are you excited? I am :-) I love her on neutral backgrounds, because her colors are so amazing. I see a lot of conversions for her, but true gardeners know that Nora picked true asiatic lily colors for her.... thank you for sticking with the actual colors. I used a super neutral Silkweaver solo for mine and the colors just pop on it! She is by far my favorite Mirabilia to date :-)

  12. She looks fantastic, Nicki! That's a great photo of her too - I'm finding it very difficult to get a good shot. Coincidentally I finished mine today!! I'll hopefully get the chance to post on my blog in a bit.

    I'm glad Polo is feeling better.

  13. Wonderful progress this month, Nicki! PF looks amazing...not too much longer now:)

  14. She's looking great! Everyone seems to be working on her lately. :)

  15. She is looking so pretty Nicki.. Keep stitching. The end is so near! I was left with ONE bead for the darker color.

  16. I finally broke down and registered a Blogger account so that I can comment on blogs like yours. :) This post didn't come through my RSS feed reader for some reason, so I didn't see your beautiful Petal Fairy until now. She's gorgeous and will be done in no time!

  17. Petal Looks stunning...
    almost made me want to pick mine up and finish her too,,
    but i have no where to squoosh her into roation...
    I can't wait to celebrate a HD with you

  18. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Wow Nicki! your accomplishments are amazing and your Petal is beautiful! I cant wait to see your finish :)

  19. Petal is looking great - nearly finished now.


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