A couple of interesting things...

First, a wonderful new freebie alert!

There's going to be a new freebie sampler from Carinne and Gigi (of Quaker a 6 mains). It starts on 16th September and it's lovely! To find it, click 'Plan du Site', then 'Plan Grilles Gratuites', then 'SURPRISES Mystères offertes sur longue période', then 'Marquoir ABC ancien'.

Second, something of interest for Aussie ladies particularly.

There are going to be four exhibitions next year as tributes to women who were deported to 'parts unknown' (basically Australia!) in the 1800s. You can read about it here. There are details there on how to make bonnets for the exhibitions too. I don't have any Aussie ancestry, so I don't think I'll make a bonnet, but thought it was interesting anyway!


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