HAED stitchathon week

It's stitchathon week over on the HAED BB, so prepare for lots of photos of tiny stitches!

Before I start though, a BIG thank you to Holley, who's gifted me with the chart for Sara Butcher's Water ACEO. Thank you so much Holley - I love it and I really appreciate it!

That's not the only new HAED chart I have - I won a prize last week by guessing a mystery WIP correctly and I got Nadia Tate's Ladybug Kitty Fae chart! Thank you Fudgey - you're a sweetheart and you know I love this one!

In fact, on the same day that the Ladybug Kitty fae chart arrived, so did these two - ACEO prints from Nadia Tate. I loved the Ladybug painting (on the left) so much I bought a print off ebay and Nadia kindly sent the other one as a thank you. They are so small and perfect. I could see another addiction forming if I'm not careful!

Finally, on to the stitching... Here's yesterday's effort. I wanted to stitch on a HAED but also work on my obligation stitching, so I started my HAED round robin piece. Can anyone guess what it is?!


  1. Not being a HAED addict (more to do with the over-one stitching than the designs themselves LOL), I dunno the answer ... but I LOOOOOOOOVE the colours so far!! ;)

  2. I was about to write the exact same comment as Anne! I don't know how you manage to stitch so consistently over one, Nicki - but I can certainly see why: those designs are gorgeous! :)

  3. Same here as Anne and Isabelle ;)
    Great job on it, Nicki

  4. Pretty!! Love your ACEOs! Have to go have a think on the WIP (unless someones guessed it on the HAED board - looks like the one Fudgey's got up at the moment...

  5. OOOHHH, those prints are sooo pretty! I always love watching your HAED stitching!

  6. What the others said, nice start Nicki


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