July stitching report

Last month just flew by - thank goodness winter is two-thirds over, it'll be spring soon! So, what did I do?

Started and Finished:
Quaker Garden (Blackbird Designs)
TWRR round 5

Redwork exchange
Birthday exchange for Sylvie
Leanne's House quilt
Air (HAED)

Progress made on:
Carriage House Samplings alphabet SAL with Karen
Earth (HAED)
Petal Fairy (Mirabilia)

A couple of people asked what I'd start now Quaker Garden is finished. Well, I'm trying not to start anything new right now except for exchange and round robin pieces! In fact, I pulled out Petal Fairy and put a few more stitches in her. Harsha's wonderful and speedy stitching is putting me to shame! Pic to come soon - I'm just finishing off my redwork exchange....


  1. you're pulling Petal out? yayyyyyyy... now I will have company :)

  2. Nicki, I can't wait to see what you stitch in August. :) Ann.

  3. Great job on your progress for July!

  4. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Ohhh I cant wait to see your Petal Fairy!

  5. I am excited to see more petal fairy! She is so pretty!


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