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1. Do you plan ahead for your reading? Work off of a to-be-read pile? A reading list? Or do you wing it, choose whatever you're in the mood for?
2. If you do plan ahead, how far ahead? Do you have two or three books waiting in queue? Or are you backed up by dozens of volumes waiting their turn?
3. If you do not plan ahead . . . well, never? What about if you're reading a series? Or someone gives you a book for a present?

I'll answer these in one go. I roughly plan but it's easily swayed by the mood I'm in, how I feel having finished the last book, or a new book or author.

At the moment I have two books on the go - one fiction and one non-fiction. Then there are about half a dozen on the bedside table in the to-be-read pile. Once I finish the fiction book I'm on I may chose one of those or I may go hunting through the bookshelves for something else, or I may even go to the library and get something totally different. It depends what type of book I fancy reading once I've finished this one. I never usually read too much of one genre in one go.

If I'm reading a series I will try to read in order (or will definitely read in order if it's an essential follow-on series), but I may take a break in between books to read something else. It really depends on my reading mood. A few years ago I discovered Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series and read all 17 (all he'd written at the time) in a row. But I've also started trilogies and had to take a break between books 2 and 3 to read something different.


  1. Good Answer(s) to the questions --

    I have a pile from the public library that i tend to read FIRST b/c they have due dates LOL

    otherwise, the books I purchase seem to be hanging around my desk with bookmarks.

    The most enjoyable book i read recently was Water for Elephants -- a close second was Theft, A Love Story. I read classics & fiction -- i'm not much for the murder & lawyer stuff.


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