Gifts galore!

It's been such a week of giving and receiving! Yesterday was both! The stuff I sent out last week arrived and I got all this!

Wow! This is a wonderful package from Cathy as part of the Adopt-a-Stitcher scheme. I've got the Designing Ladies Necessaire chart I wanted (with finishing instructions), a really cute Little House Needleworks chart (but then all LHN charts are cute, I'm a big fan!), some Lakeside Linen 40ct Navy Bean (perfect!), a retractable tape measure, a needle minder, some thread rings, and a great card. And not in the piccie because I'd already saved the files and put the disc safely away was a CD with the Town Square houses on it. I've been wanting to know what they are like and now I know - there are some great ones! Thank you so much Cathy! It's all wonderful. I have plans for the fabric, thread rings and tape measure!

And another big thank you to Becky - who gifted me with a Stitching Bits and Bobs voucher. You didn't need to do that! I'm off to look at thread - I may get some for the charts Cathy sent!

And I didn't tell you that I got another HAED chart too - a beautiful Nadia Tate quick stitch from Fudgey - Puppy Love Fae. Thank you so much!

If anyone else out there thinks they owe me a gift - you don't! I've had so much this week I need to go lie down. I also need a spare pair of hands to stitch it all!

(Obviously needleroll and redwork exchange pics will have to wait yet another day! LOL!)


  1. I know I didn't have to, Nicki....but I felt bad that you didn't receive one of your B-day exchanges from one of your group memebers :)
    hugs to you :)

  2. ooops, that would be members :) AND, I forgot to say how wonderful your other gifts were :) Enjoy them all my friend!

  3. What great gifts. Cathy and Becky are so sweet!

    Love the new pic in your header!

  4. LOL. Great gifts! I'm glad you've been so well spoiled. :)

  5. Oh you lucky thing Nikki, you are being spoilt. Just enjoy your gifts, you're special.

    Oh and I was wondering how Polo is now?

  6. You deserve it, Nicki!

  7. What fantastic gifts, Nicki!! Enjoy it all!


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