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1.Do you tend to read more books written by one gender over the other? If so, which one? Men? Or women?
I would say 80% or more of the books I read are written by women.

2.Is this a deliberate choice? Or just something that kind of happened?
It's just the way it is. It'll vary from year to year depending on whether I find a new author and read lots by him or her. So far this year I've only read three books written by men. Last year the only book by a male author I read was The Da Vinci Code (1 book out of 40 - I keep a book record). A few years ago I had a spate of 'adventure reading' and read lots of Bernard Cornwell and Clive Cussler. It just happens!

3. And (without wanting to get too personal), is this your gender?
Yes, and I do think it makes a difference. I can't actually ever remember Martin reading anything written by a woman!


  1. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Interesting! I had a think about my own gender reading habits and although I do read a lot of books by women, I don't really think about whether a book has been written by a man or a woman when I read it and I don't consciously choose a book based on the author's gender. I probably read more books by women than men, but it's more a 70-30 split, I think.

    DH mostly reads books by men, but that's because he mainly reads male-orientated non-fiction (science and natural history stuff).

  2. You know, I've never thought about it like that, but it's true. I read books by both men and women (but mostly women) whereas, no that I think about it, DH only reads books written by men.

  3. As I've gotten older, I notice I read more books by women than I did in my youth, and I think that's because I can pick them out myself now (instead of being assigned reading in university). My DH also reads a fair amount of books by female authors.

  4. HI:

    I prefer books written by women. I will read a bood written by a man & usually I have this thought process going on in the back of my head "yeah, manspeak"

    What are you reading now? enjoy the day --


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