A quiet weekend

It's SAL weekend for Karen and I on the Carriage House Samplings alphabet. Here's mine - E for Elephant.

(1 over 1 on 28ct Haystack lugana from Countrystitch)

I've also finished my needleroll for the needleroll exchange and I've almost finished Petal Fairy! And the first of my recent batch of secret stitching has arrived safely and quickly - I'll show you a picture tomorrow.

I'm getting a lot of stitching time at the moment because I've been sitting in the spare room keeping Polo company for quite a lot of each day. Martin and I have been taking it in turns to sleep in there too - we've put a matress on the floor. Polo's slowly getting better, though we had to go back to the vet for a stronger painkiller. She was shaking all over when it wore off, poor thing. She's hopping well now and starting to put her foot down when she rests. She's also bored but resigned to being stuck in one room. Lulu is another matter - she's being a pest, wanting loads of attention because she's confused about what's happening. She won't leave us alone at all!

Because I'm spending a lot of time with Polo (and Lulu!) I have a lot less internet time. I know I owe a few people emails, so I'm sorry - I will get round to it soon! I'm also finding it hard to spend time commenting on everyone's blogs, so apologies for that too. You're all doing beautiful work!


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    E looks great! I just have the rest of the rainbow and the word block to stitch today and I'm done :)

    Glad to hear that Polo is getting better {{{hugs}}} to her and Lulu too!

  2. Your CHS alphabet looks fantastic! Congrats!

  3. You are SUCH a good furbaby mommy!! I hope Polo will soon be back to rights.

    In the meantime, enjoy that extra stitching time. Love your E-Elephant!!

  4. Your elephant is very cute, congratulations. I hope Polo contines to improve

  5. Love your CHS elephant! Looks great!

    You and Martin are good kitty parents. Polo and Lulu are very lucky. I am glad that Polo is getting better.

  6. E looks great!
    Glad to hear Polo is getting better. Your two kitties are lucky to have you and Martin as parents!

    Plume says to both of them


  7. Oops, I mean Plume says meow to both of them

  8. Great to hear that Polo's on the road to recovery - you're so caring to sleep in there too :) Can't wait to see your needleroll, as it'll be as stunning as ever :D

  9. Great to hear Polo's on the road to recovery - you guys are really sweet to take turns sleeping in there too :) Looking forward to seeing your needleroll, as I'm sure it'll be as stunning as always :D

  10. Your CHS Alphabet looks great!!

  11. Your CHS Alphabet is looking fantastic as always... I'm collecting the charts... and it's all yours and Karens fault. ;-)

    I'm glad that Polo is feeling better. He's lucky to have such caring parents. {hugs}

  12. what wonderful even stitching...
    Polo is very lucky to have such loving parents...
    you both deserve big Hugs {{hugs}}


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