Updated stash list

Updated 18 February 2010

Charts in the stash

Au Fil des Reves
Accessories L'Oiseau Bleu

Bent Creek
Blackbird Sampler
Winter Snapperland

Blackbird Designs
Beyond My Heart
Blessings and Kind Wishes
Keepsake Box and Pinkeep
Moon Garden
Rites of Spring
With Needle and Thread

Bleu de Chine
Les Chats et Souris

Carriage House Samplings
Diminutive Dutch Sampler
Sampler Stocking
Scarlet Berries
Shores of Hawk Run Hollow

Character Creations
Fantastical Cats

Charland Designs
Christmas Penny Bag

Celtic Quilt
Egyptian Garden
Evening in the Park
Medieval Times
Mini I
Misty Morning Vineyard
Pompeii Garden
Rose and Butterfly Quilt
Rose Lights
Stitching Leporello
Taj Mahal Mandala

Cherished Stitches
July Box

Dames of the Needle
Playful Day Necessaire

Drawn Thread
Alpine Garden
Prairie Garden
Sampler Game Board
Wildflower Garden

Elizabeth Bradley
Country Living
Little cat kit

Golden Kite
Napoleon Crossing the Saint-Bernard

Heart in Hand
January Wool Wimsey
February Wool Wimsey
March Wool Wimsey
April Wool Wimsey
May Wool Wimsey
June Wool Wimsey
July Wool Wimsey
Summer Bird

Heaven & Earth Designs
A Touch of Frost
Heart of the World
Ladybug Kitty Fae
Marked One
Merlin and Arthur
Midnight Orchard
Owl and the Pussycat
Snow Princess and the Polar Bear
Steam Punk Fairy
Whispers QS

Homespun Sampler
Celtic Band Sampler

Indigo Rose
Catherine Agnes

Ink Circles
Cirque des Circles
Hanky Pysanky

Just Nan
My Fair Ladybug
Where's the Cat?

Kustom Krafts
Water Tiger II

Lavender & Lace
Celtic Autumn
Celtic Christmas

Little House Needleworks
Acorn Hill
Cherry Tree Inn
Lavender Hill
Necessities Sampler
Peace and Plenty
Prairie Sampler
Season of Growth
Season of Plenty
The Bookshelf
Ye Olde Coffee House

Liz Turner Diehl
English Garden

Lizzie Kate
Gather a Harvest

Long Dog Samplers
St Reatham

Merry Cox
Shaker Spool Holder (SANQ)

Midnight Stitching
A Quaker Floral

Milady's Needle
Strawberries Rule Accoutrements

Autumn in My Garden
Autumn Queen
Queen of Peace
Royal Holiday
Spring Queen
Summer Queen
Winter Queen

Jardin D'Jour

Olde Colonial Designs
Mimi's Tape Measure

Prairie Schooler
Country Seasons

Rosewood Manor
The Berries

Shepherd's Bush
Easter Needleroll
Folk Heart Needleroll

Sweetheart Tree
Radiant Tulips
Remembrance Rose Needleroll
Strawberry Patch Needleroll
Sweetheart Needleroll
Victorian Floral Needleroll

Teresa Wentzler
Diamonds in Squares
English Garden Sampler
Fruit & Floral Wreath I
Fruit & Floral Wreath II
Noah's Ark
Peacock Tapestry
Persian Floral
Rose Tree in Bloom

With My Needle
Ackworth Friendship Book
Acorn Sampler Sewing Case
Alphabet Samplings Book (SANQ)
Quaker Needlework Treasures
Rose Garden Sewing Case
Strawberries so Faire

A Most Noble Pursuit
Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler
Petit Marquoir de Printemps
Petit Marquoir Rouge

Total unstitched charts: 135

Bent Creek
Spring Snapperland completed 30/01/08

Blackbird Designs
Their Song completed 18/12/07
Secret Garden completed 18/08/08
Where My Heart Blooms completed 17/06/08

Carriage House Samplings
Alphabet series completed 20/12/08
Green Tree completed 17/02/10

Country Cottage Needleworks
Holly & Ivy Sampler completed 28/12/08
Winter Welcome completed 07/02/08

Drawn Thread
Random Thoughts completed 29/08/08
Spot of Autumn completed 13/10/07
Spot of Spring completed 06/04/08
Spot of Summer completed 04/06/08
Spot of Winter completed 14/12/07

Heaven & Earth Designs
Earth completed 23/09/09

Ink Circles
Blackstone Fantasy Garden completed 31/01/09

Little House Needleworks
Caffe Latte completed 28/12/09
Cappuccino completed 26/06/08
Frappuccino completed 07/01/10
Morning Berries completed 20/06/07
Pear threadpack completed 10/01/08
Season of Hope completed 28/03/08
Winter Wonderland completed 13/02/08

Sheepish Designs
Winghaven completed 21/12/08

Shepherd's Bush
Pumpkin Hill completed 28/07/08
Trick or Treat completed 08/07/08

Stone & Thread
Garden Flowers completed 25/05/08

Sue Hawkins
Tulip Bookmark completed 13/02/08


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