Even more blue.....

A couple of people have pointed out the blue thing I have going in my WIPs. It's true - I don't know what's going on but everything is blue all of a sudden! I haven't suddenly had a blue turn - I'm still not a blue fan - it's just happened. And here's even more blue - my nephew's baby blanket.

Wednesday is my gift day and I finally finished the horrid transferring of the pattern and started stitching. You can see the pattern on the tissue paper, which I started tearing off to stitch. I've tacked through the paper to transfer the design and now I stitch over the tacking with wool.

I didn't get much done. I was using quite a large hoop and I'm not used to a hoop any longer and it gave me cramp in my hand! But it's progress!

Back to Pompeii today and more blue!


  1. You're making me feel guilty ... I'd had a project from Inspirations all kitted up ready to go for years now, stitched on navy wool, and all I have to do is to back the tracing paper onto the fabric, and I'm good to go ... I keep putting it off 'cos it's so fiddly hmmmm. I have to admit, I keep thinking I've clicked on my own blog link instead when I'm visiting at the moment ... love all the blues ;P

  2. well done you are doing one of my least favourite things there.. i hate that pre work stuff.. blech..
    its funny how you can have runs on colours like when i discoverd in 4 wips i had the same reds/oranges and browns and none of them are colours i especially like..
    now blue.. blue is good

  3. That's going to be so pretty, Nicki! And I can't complain about the blue theme ;) Funny thing is, I'm having a RED stitching frenzy at the moment. Do you think we've swapped favourite colours for a while? LOL!

  4. Mental note to self: Nicki = BLUE!!

  5. Your blues are all so pretty.
    Pompeii Garden is going to be gorgeous!!

  6. Your nephews blanket will be gorgeous when done as for blue...I know what you mean as it's not my favourite colour for stitched pieces but some things do look so good with the colour blue :-)

  7. This is a really sweet design, Nikki. :) Something your family will treasure!


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