October stitching report

Another month and lots of starts with a few finishes! Many thanks to everyone who's been leaving comments, especially to the new visitors. One of you asked about my progress bars. They were made by Mel. There'a link direct to the relevant post in the bottom of my sidebar now.

On to this month's report....

TWRR round 7 (round 8 is delayed, so it might be a while before I finish the whole RR)
Needlework smalls exchange
The Counting House (LHN)

Napoleon Crossing the Saint-Bernard (Golden Kite) - a tiny bit done before I ran out of thread!
Pompeii Garden (Chatelaine)
Shakaasha (HAED)
Sampler Noel ornament (Fancy Work)
Baby blanket for my nephew

Progress made on:
Carriage House Samplings alphabet SAL
The Token (Long Dog Samplers)

There's a story behind why I'm now stitching on The Token. I started Napoleon but only had one length of 3052. So I thought I'd switch Napoleon and Fantastical Cats round in the rotation (both over one pieces you see). Well, after stitching and unpicking the same bit of cream FOUR times due to black cat hair getting in it, I put Fantastical Cats away in complete frustration and brought out some nice red over one to sooth the soul!!

So, here's The Token. For those new to my blog, it's in celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary, which was in May (it's a bit belated!).

Gloriana Cranberry 1 over 1 on 32ct Haystack lugana from Countrystitch.


  1. Anonymous4:03 pm

    The Token looks great! I love that red!

  2. The Token is gorgeous! That red is a really stunning shade!

  3. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Its looking fantastic and I absolutely love the Glorianna cranberry silk!

  4. your token is really beautiful !

  5. Wow, your Token is gorgeous! That fabric is perfect - you're always so good at choosing hand-dyeds for your projects! :)

    (((Hugs))) and thanks again, I'm still smiling thanks to you today :) :)

  6. Token is coming along beautifully ... the photo is gorgeous, but of course it doesn't do it justice - it's even more scrummy in real life ;)

  7. Oh wow, your Token is gorgeous! I love that Cranberry - perfect.

  8. Anonymous12:52 am

    I was thinking about doing that Fancy work ornie too!! Great minds!!
    The token is looking just stunning! Half way there!!

  9. Beautiful work!! I love over one stitching pictures.

  10. The token is looking stunning, congratulations

  11. The Token looks sooo pretty. I love the red you are using. Pompeii Garden looks fabulous too, I am wanting this pattern (soon, soon!).

  12. I love The Token piece - and what a wonderful idea to do this as an anniversary gift. Great work!

  13. The Token is a beautiful piece of work, all the lovlier with your colour choice of thread and your fabulous 1/1 stitches...they look so neat and even :-)) By the way, Happy (by now) belated 10th anniversary to you and your DH

  14. The Token looks wonderful Nicki, look forward to seeing more of this one. (Btw, I've been meaning to let you know that I'm starting my Leanne's House quilt this weekend, wahoo, can't wait!)

  15. The Token looks fantastic Nicki!

  16. Anonymous10:55 pm

    The Token looks so gorgeous Nicki! I just love that red silk - the fabric choice works really well with it.

  17. Wow! I'm full of admiration. This is amazing!!

  18. I am so full of admiration for you it just isn't true. Your stitching is amazing and I just LOVE this and will have to do it for our anniversary next year it will be our 40th! I never thought of stithcing it over one. You are such a clever clever girl!

  19. Mmmm Gloriana Cranberry. So richly coloured. Great work Nicki.
    Take care. x

  20. Anonymous5:59 am

    You are a better stitcher than me! I just leave the dog hair in.... :-)


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