Sunday, October 01, 2006

September stitching report

Here's another month's report....

Needleroll exchange
Crazy Cat Lady exchange
Petal Fairy (Mirabilia)
Pear Tree ornament (LHN)

Needlework smalls exchange
The Counting House (LHN)

Progress made on:
Carriage House Samplings alphabet SAL
Earth (HAED)
Mystery VIII (Chatelaine)
Tomboy (HAED)

As you can see, I had a tiny happy dance earlier today. The Counting House is on hold while I wait for the threads I need to turn up, so I started and finished the Little House Needleworks design from this year's JCS ornament issue - Pear Tree. It's so cute! Love the Sassy Brass thread colour. I'll probably make it into a sachet of some sort but I need some cute fabric to go with it. It's stitched on 32ct Eucalyptus from Countrystitch. (If you're doing it, note that the chart is wrong on the left border - it should match the right side - and one of the left leaves is wrong too. A recharting error by JCS apparently.)

I also needed something small to stitch as the trapped nerve in my neck was playing up and bigger bits of fabric were too heavy! I'm trying to cut down on internet time too as I don't think sitting at the computer is helping, so I may be quieter for a while :)


  1. Beautiful finish! The colors are fantastic.

  2. Congratulations on the quick finish on the ornament - I believe that is the first one I have seen stitched up from the new ornament issue - yours came out great!

  3. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Lovely finish Nicki! I'm using Sassy Brass for an ornament and love the colour too. I wouldn't have picked this ornament on first glance at the mag but yours looks great - thanks for sharing! Hope your pinched nerve is better soon.

  4. Good luck with that pinched nerve ... from a fellow 'neck sufferer', I can empathise with you very much! I'm off to a nerve manipulator on Tuesday to try and get mine fixed ... wanna pop over and join me? ;) Your latest ornie looks gorgeous - that colour Sassy Brass really is scrummy, isn't it? :D

  5. Lovely! I wasn't so taken with the Pear Tree when I saw it in the magazine, but yours is a beauty! I think I'll add it to my list of "to do's" that I'll probably end up doing when I'm 90 or so....

  6. Lovely finish Nicki, congratulations. I hope your neck recovers soon.

  7. That's lovely, Nicki! Hope your trapped nerve gets better... (((hugs)))

  8. This is such a cute pattern - I think it's the first one I want to stitch when my JCS arrives!

    Your neck sounds painful - I hope you'll be right as rain very soon.

  9. Great finish. I, like most have a new addition to the ornamnet list now.
    Hope the trapped nerve gets better soon.
    Take care. x

  10. Love your finish! Fantastic! Hope your neck feels better soon.

  11. I don't have my ornie issue yet, but this one will be stitched! Thanks, Nicki for inspiring us all. :D