The 25/50 project challenge

Edited on Dec 29: I'm upping the challenge to 50 projects!

Yes, I'm joining the 25 project challenge! We got our quote for moving last week - eep! With that and the cost of flying us and the kitties back to the UK, I really need to cut right back on spending. And we really, really want a holiday before we leave too. We've only had one night away in the last 20 months and our last holiday was 2003. And even that was a 'stay with family' holiday, which isn't relaxing is it?!

10 projects didn't seem like enough of a challenge looking at what I've stitched this year, so I'm going for 25.

Exceptions are the last two of the Leanne's House blocks of the month and one chart or piece of fabric (what exactly to be decided). Nothing else though unless I need it to finish a work in progress!

The Rules (copied from The Wagon):
1. Have fun reducing your stash.
2. There is no time limit - people have different size projects they would like to work on.
3. Thou shall not purchase any new patterns until 10, 25, or 50 projects have been stitched. Pattern size does not matter. WIPs and UFOs finishes count.
4. This challenge can also apply to knitting, beading, sewing and crocheting patterns.
5. You can make some exemptions - I am not placing limitations on this due to commitments that people might already have. Remember, though, the goal of this challenge is to reduce stash so too many exemptions will sabotage these efforts. I have declared three exemptions.
6. Gifts, gift cards, trades, RAKs and patterns bought with gift money are not a violation of this challenge. Patterns bought to make gifts for someone else are also exempt.
7. Freebies count as part of your total and you can aquire them at any point.
8. You do not have to declare the projects you intend to work on. (If listing would make you feel better please do so)
9. The offical start date of this challenge was Sept 1, 2006 since I have been posting about it for awhile and want to make sure the everyone's projects have been included. All projects finished on or after this date count for the challenge. Example: you have been working TW's Peacock Tapestry for the past 36 months and you finally finished it on Sept. 12th... it counts as part of your total for the challenge.
10. This challenge is ongoing, so please join us at any time.

(The rules are here if anyone else wants to join!)

I started the 21 November 2006. I'm not sure which projects will get finished, so I'll fill in the numbers as I go along.

1. Redwork pinkeep (A Mon Ami Pierre, Nine Red 1)
2. Friends (Lizzie*Kate)
3. Don't Peek ornament (Little by Little)
4. Running Stag ornament (Carriage House Samplings)
5. Snowflake Cone ornament (Scandinavian Stitches)
6. Winter's Eve ornament (Country Cottage Needleworks)
7. A for Angel (Carriage House Samplings)
8. Teresa Wentzler RR round 8
9. Quaker a 6 Mains (freebie)
10. English Christmas needleroll (Shepherd's Bush)
11. HAED RR round 2
12. Coffee Menu (Little House Needleworks)
13. Strawberry Garden (Blackbird Designs)
14. 'A' pinkeep (A Mon Ami Pierre)
15. Coeur Encadre (De fil en aiguille)
16. Early America (Little House Needleworks)
17. Redwork exchange for Barbara
18. HAED RR round 3
19. HAED RR round 4
20. The Token (Long Dog Samplers)
21. Midnight Feast (Inspirations)
22. Bluebird's Message (Blackbird Designs)
23. Pinkeep exchange for Myrna
24. House exchange for Barbara
25. Spring Snapperland (Bent Creek)
26. Morning Berries (Little House Needleworks)
27. Quaker needlework set (With My Needle)
28. HAED RR round 5

Fell off the challenge due to HAED retiring a couple of artists! Oh well - I made it past 25 at least!


  1. Anonymous1:01 pm

    You are very brave-I don't think I could do it

  2. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Good for you! Good luck and best wishes.

  3. Anonymous12:43 am

    Go for it Nicki! I know you can do it.

  4. Congrats on taking the Challenge plunge! I haven't quite worked up the nerve as yet.

  5. Welcome to the challenge, Nicki! I chose the 50 project mark and it is going to be tough for me, but I really want to work through my stash, so I hope that I can stick to it. :)

  6. Good luck with your challenge!!

    What thread are the rules under at the Wagon? I found people posting their progress but couldn't find the actual rules. I want to do some variation of it in the New Year.

  7. Good for you and good luck! I should be joining too!

  8. Best of luck with the challenge

  9. Woohoo, welcome aboard the challenge wagon! :D I have to say I'm not finding it as hard as I thought it would be ... I don't have the urge to buy charts at all yet, it's been great getting inspiration from your old stash again - great fun! :D

  10. Congrats on upping your challenge to 50 ;) At least we've got great support :D


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