Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 stitching goals

This should be a giggle seeing how far I get with these......

I really must:
Put stitches into every single work in progress well no, but I did stitch on many of them!
Stitch HAED RR x 5 rounds Four done! Waiting for fifth to arrive
Stitch Quaker RR x 6 rounds DONE! Completed 15 November
Carry on with monthly CHS alphabet SAL Ten months completed...
Carry on with Strawberry Garden SAL DONE! Finished 22 January
Finish my nephew's blanket DONE! Finished 30 March
Stitch something special for my mum's birthday DONE! Finished 'M is for Mother' 9 September
Stitch something for a special friend not yet...
Stitch something for a friend's anniversary oops, no...

I really want to:
Stitch around ten gifts Five done, not bad!
Do two Redwork exchanges DONE!
Start Toccata II SAL DONE! Started 1 January, finished 19 July
Start Blackstone Fantasy Garden SAL DONE! Started 4 May!
Stitch an ornament a month Four done...
Finish Spring Snapperland DONE! Finished 24 May though I need to add buttons (on order)
Finish Winter's Eve DONE! Finished 3 December
Finish Medieval Times getting there...
Finish The Token DONE! Finished 19 March
Finish Earth err, no
Finish Shaker Spool Holder no to this as well
Finish Coffee Menu DONE! Finished 19 January
Complete half of Leanne's House quilt oops!
Make significant progress on everything else well, I've not done badly!

It would be nice to:
Learn to make a little mattress/pincushion DONE!
Make a box from five Celtic Quilt blocks Need to stitch the fifth block first!
Finish Pompeii Garden next year!
Stitch one of my With My Needle charts basically, no!
Start a Christmas piece (a stocking or Royal Holiday) DONE! Quaker Stocking started 10 February, finished 19 July

I'm not even sure all these are possible. I'm pretty sure some of them are mutually exclusive! If I make significant progress on all my WIPs, for example, I'll never have time to finish Pompeii Garden! Still, better an optimist than a pessimist!


  1. Very impressive list of goals. Thanks for taking care of this years ornament SAL. It is amazing how many have joined. It should be fun to watch everyones progress. Happy New Year, CJ

  2. Woohoo, look at all those goals! Looking forward to seeing you put little ticks next to everything :D Your stitching list from last year is impressive too :D

  3. What!!!!!!!!!Do they have 72 hour days over there? I'm sure you will cross the majority off. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. so why didn't you put a warning about not drinking coffee whilst reading..
    what wonderful lofty aims you have my dear...
    and you are moving half way around the world too with the packing/cleaning/unpacking etc routine to go through...