Another A for Angel

I can finally show what will definitely be my last finish for the year - Carriage House Samplings' 'A for Angel', but in pinks and purples for a pink Stitching Diva who had a special birthday yesterday!

I had such fun playing with colours to find ones I liked. The main pink is Crescent Color's Pricky Pear. I can't remember what the rest were but they're all Crescent Colors or Gentle Arts threads. The edge is stitched with Delica beads and it ended up being a scissor fob/ornament/thingamabob.

This was number 7 on my Project Challenge. I'm speeding through the numbers thanks to Christmas ornaments so I've decided to up the challenge to 50! I need to go on the Wagon next year anyway because it'll be so expensive moving, so I might as well count projects while I'm at it. I've certainly got enough supplies to keep me busy - even if I stitch 24 hours a day! I'll update my original post for the 50 challenge...

I've also been working on Pompeii Garden (I finished part 3 last night) and my Christmas start - Spring Snapperland. My New Year start will be Toccata II by Drawn Thread. Tash and I are having a SAL of one motif a week. I'll show piccies another day with my 2006 overview and my 2007 goals (so prepare yourselves for a giggle at those!)


  1. Very pretty finish. I love the pinks and purples. Ann.

  2. That looks lovely! Great colors.

    Just read your stitching goals for next year. They are quite ambitious :) but I do think you can do it all and more! You're such a speedy stitcher.

  3. Your angel is gorgeous Nicki, congratulations

  4. That is so cute. Great job on it!

  5. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Very cute finish.

  6. {{{hugs}}}
    thankyou for my pretty Angel, she is a lot prettier IRL.. honestly as stunning as the pics are on the puter.. the IRL ones are the best..
    she is hanging above me in my stitchy seat and so far everyone who has walked into the room sees her and comments even though she is itty bitty


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