An English Christmas in NZ!

I finished up my English Christmas needleroll! That's number 10 off my project challenge. I'd love to show you a photo but wretched Blogger isn't cooperating. I thought switching to beta was supposed to fix the photo problem! Argh!

Well, check back later. I'll update with a piccie when I can. I wanted to show you our Christmas tree too!

Oh, and I've been playing with my blog as you can see - the sidebar was so long I now have two! (Helen - I played with the Abstract Thoughts template from Pannasmontata, copying bits of it onto my old template. If you right click my blog and then click 'View Source' you can copy my coding and play with it yourself!)

Edited to add: Here it is! Stitched from the kit so I'm not sure what the fabric is - though it looked like 28ct natural linen.

And here's our tree! I've been collecting decorations for almost 20 years so it has stuff on it from all over, including eggs from Prague, wooden ornaments from the Holy Land (thanks Rachel!), wooden ornaments from Oberammergau in Germany, a kiwi from NZ, stuff from craft fairs, various gifts (thanks Kate!) and, this year (thanks to Cathy), a kangaroo from Australia! It's a fake tree, it looks very peculiar on a warm sunny day, and the top will not stay straight, but I love it! The lights are also almost 20 years old and were £1.99 in a cheapo Indian shop in south London. They work first time every year...


  1. How did you do that? I have wanted to have 2 sidebars for ages. Your page looks great looking forward to seeing your piccies when you can get them on ;-))

  2. I love the tree - it's gorgeous.

  3. That's a lovely needleroll! And a gorgeous tree. It must feel peculiar indeed to put up a Christmas tree on a summer day!

  4. Gorgeous needleroll Nicki, congratulations

  5. Thanks Nicki, I'll go have a play with that at some point :) Your tree looks beautiful and I like to hear your ornaments are from every where...nice memories when you bring them out I expect :))
    As for your Needleroll ... well that is just beautiful!!
    I must learn hemming stitch this next year as it looks so pretty on things.


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