November stitching report

Redwork pinkeep
Friends (Lizzie*Kate)

Strawberry Garden SAL (Blackbird Designs)

Progress made on:
Carriage House Samplings alphabet SAL
The Token (Long Dog Samplers)
Quaker a 6 Mains (freebie)
Pompeii Garden (Chatelaine)

I've been stitching away on Quaker a 6 Mains for the last few days, trying to get it finished. I'm nearly there - three more evenings will do it I think. Hopefully it'll get done next week, although I do have the final round of the Teresa Wentzler RR to do - it only arrived last week but as it was supposed to be done by early November I suppose I'd better get going!

I'm getting over one withdrawal symptoms though, so it's a good thing the coming weekend is my Carriage House Samplings alphabet SAL with Karen! I also hope to finish off some ornaments for family members. More finishes for the 25 Project Challenge!


  1. your Quaker sampler looks wonderful Nicki and Woohoo another update from your CHS coming up soon..
    you know how much i love that!!!

  2. Your sampler looks so lovely. I love your use of the gold in combination with the blue.

  3. Great job with your goals - and I love your Strawberry Garden SAL - that one will be fun to watch :-)

  4. Anonymous12:23 am

    Your Quaker Sampler is looking lovely :) I've got my chart all ready for this weekend - I'm doing U this month and there's a bit more stitching in this one, so I think I'm going to start today. I need a head start 'cos you're such a speedy stitcher LOL ;)

  5. Anonymous1:12 am

    Quaker a 6 Mains is just lovely. Almost there now.

  6. Anonymous5:21 am

    I love your Quaker Sampler and what you did with the accent color. I hope you don't mind, but I made a note of it on my chart. :-)

  7. Anonymous7:04 am

    Your quaker is looking gorgeous I love your colours

  8. Ooh, you're definitely very close to getting that quaker finished - it looks beautiful :D


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