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I absolutely love red, so this was a really hard choice for me. I have red clothes, shoes, bags. I see red everywhere (in a nice way!) - cars, buildings, our postie...! But it's Pohutukawa season here in New Zealand and it's an amazing year for these New Zealand Christmas trees, so Pohutukawa blossom it is.

A lot of trees are out but not all. The one by our house hasn't got one flower yet. And a lot of the best trees aren't in good places to photograph. Stopping on the motorway to take a photo of the huge trees at the side wouldn't be a good idea! My blog banner is one of my photos for this week, and so are these:

Even the pavements are red with blossom...

P.S. It's not actually a bottlebrush. Though the flowers are similar, it's a different family. Bottlebrushes have longer flowers and don't grow as big. Here's some more info about bottlebrushes and pohutukawa on Wikipedia.


  1. Oh, wow!

    This theme was difficult for me, because I absolutely do NOT like red - but your red is beautiful! What a wonderful plant!

    Mine's up too.

  2. Anonymous12:03 pm

    wow, very pretty! Can't wait to see them (and you!) in real life!

  3. Great theme choices ... how funny it is that you'd be spoilt for choice with this week's theme! LOL :D

  4. GORGEOUS! Wow! I wish we had those trees here! And how appropriate that they bloom at Christmastime! All red and green everywhere! Very cool!

  5. sigh... you know how much i love that tree...
    sooo pretty if i ever do get to NZ i willhave to plan it to be around xmas obviously

  6. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Very good choice! Those things are going nuts, aren't they?

  7. wow - that is so wonderful to see red on the ground! So different than up here in Canada.

  8. Anonymous4:34 pm

    very pretty they remind me of what we call bottle brushes :)

  9. Anonymous4:59 pm

    WOW! I love those flowers. I see them all the time and have no idea what they are called.

    Very nice red!

  10. What gorgeous flowers!
    I wish we had trees like that here in TX!

  11. No flowers here. Nuthin' but snow!

  12. Wow - what beautiful trees and flowers!

  13. What a beautiful tree, I love the flowers! we have them here in Spain too, only I never knew its name (*takes notes...)
    Happy saturday, I am up, too !

  14. wow I've never seen a flower like that before, it's beautiful! It looks like it would be really soft.

    Mine is up :)

  15. They are lovely flowers. It must look very beautiful when all are in bloom.

    My photo is up too.

  16. I had two of these in Arizona. At least the blossoms on our bush look soooooooo similar. But here in the states they're call bottle brush! (And the leaves made me itch. LOL)

    Happy weekend.
    Mine's posted. Come guess what it is if you wish.

  17. Anonymous2:30 am

    Lovely picture Nicki. I thought at first it was a bottlebrush, they just look similar.

  18. Anonymous5:14 am

    I love flowering trees! They give you something to look forward to!

  19. Anonymous8:48 am

    Beautiful photos! :) Mine is up

  20. Beautiful flowers and photos!
    Nature's finest!
    Mine's up too
    Happy Saturday!

  21. Oh wow these blossoms are so beautiful! Great pictures for the theme this week! Wonderful.

  22. Anonymous4:07 am

    They are absolutely spectacular, I would love to have one here because red is my favourite colour too. Not going to happen though with our winters!

  23. Anonymous2:12 am

    Very beautiful trees! Great pictures too. Thanks for visiting My Photo Blog. Red is the best!

  24. wow!!! Very pretty!


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