Stitching friends....

....are the best people! I got more wonderful Christmas presents today - the Blackstone Fantasy Garden chart and a whole host of yummy red Vicki Clayton threads. A big thank you and hugs to Sue for being so lovely.

We didn't have presents this year from any family except my mum and dad, but my online friends have more than made up for that with cards and gifts. Thank you all so much! You're wonderful!


  1. Anonymous1:55 pm

    What nice presents. Merry Christmas.

  2. That chart is beautiful!!! I haven't seen it before.

    Great Christmas present!

  3. Wow, what an awesome gift, look at all those yummy shades of red/pink! :D You're right, stitchers are the best ... I didn't even get anything from Mum and Dad this year (no doubt I'll get a belated cash deposit when Mum comes over in February - it's not quite the same, though) - yep, stitching pals definitely are the best! :D

  4. Beautiful reds! I am sure you will put them to good use!

  5. What beautiful colors. I just ordered this pattern. I ordered it myself with a GC I got from a stitching friend so it's like she got it for me.

  6. Anonymous9:14 am

    I just got my pattern in the mail the other day! and the threads to do it .... do I smell a Stitch Along??? *lol*


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