Thank you Isabelle!

I got the loveliest parcel all the way from Paris today - from dear Isabelle. Thank you so much Isabelle - it's wonderful and I love it all and you shouldn't have!

The first thing I saw when I opened the envelope was the special 'Tout Rouge' issue of De fil en aiguille. How did you know I wanted it Isabelle?! I'd even been to the magazine website to see if I could get a copy sent here but they only post to a few countries. Thank you so much!

That would have made my day but there were more goodies - some lovely fabric and threads (red of course!) a red kitty card and a Christmas parcel that I couldn't wait 'til Christmas for and opened. Inside was a beautiful redwork ornament with an alphabet and house on it (some of my favourite themes). I'm so pleased to have some of Isabelle's work in my home.

I love it all and thank you again! I'm going to use one of the patterns from the magazine for the next redwork exchange on the SBEBB (go and sign up everyone!)


  1. how wonderful..
    i have that magazine, when i saw it i thought of you..
    i can tell you how to get editions of it too ;) the ornament looks lovely, and perfect for a redwork girl like you

  2. I'm glad you liked the package, Nicki - although I wasn't happy about that ornament... the design is pretty (it's a French freebie), but my ornie isn't! :/

    As you know, this is much more a friendship package I'd been meaning to send you all year, than a Christmas package! :)

    Just sent you an email about the redwork exchange :) I don't want to miss out on that one!


  3. You got some lovely stuff!

    Unfortunately SBEBB is not taking any new people. I've tried. :-(

  4. What lovely mail :)

  5. What a lovely package! You lucky thing :)
    I would love to join the newest exchange (at least) but as someone already said, they're not taking any new members. If you know when they are, could you please let me know?


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