Having problems posting pics?

Anyone else out there having problems posting pictures to Blogger? I kept getting weird codes yesterday and eventually discovered this on the Blogger site. I thought I'd better share it as I'm sure I'm not the only one getting frustrated....

"Accessing new Blogger at beta.blogger.com and uploading an image via the posting form will result in error code bX-68tbuv. Until this is fixed, the solution is to go to www.blogger.com and log in there, which will redirect correctly to www2.blogger.com for new Blogger accounts.

Nevertheless, update any old bookmarks that have beta.blogger.com to use www.blogger.com instead."

I've got a really busy week ahead (the last big lot of work before we leave hopefully), so I won't have much time to comment on blogs. My apologies and I'll catch up asap!


  1. Anonymous1:07 am

    I'm not having trouble posting pics, but I am having trouble leaving comments on peoples blogs.

  2. I am still occasionally having troubles posting pics on New Blogger. I have no idea why, but if I wait 1/2 hour and try again, then its usually fine.

  3. I'm having trouble posting pics with Blogger unless I use Picasa's "blog this" feature. If I don't feel like fighting with Blogger, I just upload pics to my photobucket account instead.

    Did your chart show up yet?

  4. I don't use Blogger anymore but I've been hearing LOTS of folks talking about the pic posting problem.
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