Merci bien Sylvie!

Our postal service was unkind to Sylvie again and her Christmas parcel to me was slow getting here. But it arrived today and it was so worth the wait! I don't mind late surprise parcels at all!

There was a really pretty little pocket (so cute and neatly done), and a stick of candy (which is from Rouen where I went on a couple of French exchanges as a teenager, so that was special), and a gorgeous altered address book. I'm going to use that for blogging friend's addresses. It's beautifully made and just the right colours!

And, of course, Sylvie didn't forget Lulu and Polo. They got two catnip pompoms! I haven't seen them playing with those yet but both pompoms were mysteriously under the sofa earlier, so someone's decided to try them out!

It was all beautifully wrapped up, with a lovely card too.

Merci beaucoup Sylvie! Je l'aime tout! Tu es une amie merveilleux.


  1. Sylvie must be so relieved!! She was so bummed about it. I got a similar bad trick with a package to Katrina - sent on the same day as yours (Dec. 5) and arrived only a few days ago!

    That pochette is darling, and the address book is gorgeous. She made me one too - and I want to use it for blogger friends too! :D
    Sylvie is such a darling :)

  2. Anonymous12:45 am

    Nice gifts from Sylvie, I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

  3. Wonderful gifts! Happy New Year to you.

  4. You are very welcome my friend :)
    I'm so glad you finally received it. What a relief!



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