A green blob....

Sue (*Hi Sue! I'm wafting some sunshine and hot air in your direction in return for that snow!*) asked how much I got done on Napoleon. Well, not much really! I did a couple of hundred stitches last year and promptly ran out of 3052. Then I did two days last month. I have a nice green blob........

It's going to take forever! The stitches aren't the neatest and that's because half are cross stitch and half are tented in the same direction as the top leg of my cross stitch. No, I've not lost it completely - that's to get round the blended colours issue.

Some of the colours are a blend of two, but I wanted to stitch 1 over 1 on 25ct. I asked around and suggestions included doing one leg of the stitch in the darker colour and the top in the lighter, or tent stitch with 2 threads.

Well I tried the two-coloured cross first, but the stitches are so small you couldn't see the bottom colour at all and lost the shading effect.

I thought about trying to split the DMC threads into thinner ones and blending those together, but that was plain silly!

I didn't want to do it all in tent stitch as that would mean using a frame and I stitch in hand.

So, it's mostly cross stitch with a bit of backwards tent stitch for the blended colours. I think it works.....


  1. It looks ok to me. I look forward to watching this grow.

  2. i almost started hyperventillating... blended colours...
    you are insane...
    butthats why i adore you
    what you says works in my addle brain and it looks soo neat

  3. Anonymous3:25 pm

    It looks great and you seem to have worked out the blended color issue well.

  4. The colors are amazingly delicate - I clicked for a blow-up and I'm just 'wowed' - great job, Nicki!

  5. It has amazing depth from a distance! I clicked and had to really hunt to find the tented stitches so it's working really well!

    We didn't get any snow last night, but we did get this yucky sleet and freezing rain stuff (boo!) which has delayed school by two hours and it's hovering right around freezing so here's some nice chilly air! *fans some wintery air in Nikki's direction*

    Thanks for posting the picture!!


  6. What an amazing undertaking, Nikki! He is going to look fantastic. I really like the shading of it so far.

  7. I stitched The Silver Lining's Sterling Silver rose on 28-count over 1, and there were a couple blends in that. I, too, experimented with using different shades for different directions, but the best thing was to do what you're doing... Tent stitch with both colors. It looks a little odd when I was stitching it, but it worked out fabulously in the end. The blends *work*, and you can't tell the difference in the stitches now that it's done.

    You go, girl. Great looking blob.

  8. I think your ideas for this with the blends are going to work really well, it looks great up to now!


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