February stitching report

I just managed to squeeze one more finish into the month - Michelle's HAED RR piece. This is part of Fire Mermaid by Selina Fenech, charted by Heaven and Earth Designs. That ends a month of mostly obligation stitching, although I did fit in my SALs, some stitches on The Token (picture to come soon) and a start on the Quaker Stocking.

Early America (Little House Needleworks) - gift for Becky
'A' (A Mon Ami Pierre) - gift for Anne
Coeur Encadre (De fil en aiguille) - gift for Karen
A humbug for Lina
Redwork exchange for........!
Quaker Friendship RR round 1
HAED RR round 3

Finished stitching but needs finishing
Sampler Noel ornament

Quaker Stocking (Carriage House Samplings)

Made progress on
CHS alphabet
The Token
Toccata II
Winter's Eve

It's March 1st so I'm officially on the Wagon Challenge. I've actually been on the Wagon since Jan 1st, but I haven't announced it formally here. So now you know! I'm on the Wagon all year for rather obvious financial reasons (The Move!) So far this year I've spent NZ$18 (about £6) on ribbons and pins.

I have one exception, which is St Reatham by Long Dog Samplers with fabric and thread to stitch it (Carol and I are going to SAL at some point if anyone else wants to join us). I'm also allowed thread for existing WIPs if needed and stuff for finishing or to make gifts. So plenty still to look forward to!


  1. Lovely addition to the RR, Nicki! Great progress on all your projects this month.

  2. Beautiful! What a lot of work that must have been.

  3. Wow, Nicki, that's a gorgeous finish! Congratulations on squeezing it in!

    As for a year on the wagon - you're awesome! Good luck. I would gladly stitch out of my stash for a year (or even longer!) if we could move back to Maine. Hmmm, maybe if DH read this, he'd want to move .... LOL!

  4. she is beautiful..
    that is the one mermaid of the series i really really want to stitch.. you are good at picking out charts i want to see sections of..
    wonderful work!!

  5. Anonymous2:31 am

    That's gorgeous Nicki! The detail is amazing :)

    Good luck on the challenge too!

  6. Wow, that RR piece you have done is stunning.

    Hope the challenge goes well.

  7. Nicki, that's gorgeous and it seems so small and detailed. Wow, congratulations!

  8. That is fantastic! I am a HUGE Selina Fenech fan, and Michelle's RR is simply amazing - I adore your little addition to it! I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!!! I have heard I am being RAK'd with the St Reatham chart, so can start whenever you want - NO RUSH!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to it! I suppose I should finish Paradigm Lost first!!

  9. What alot of postings and I've only been gone a few days!! This is going to be so nice and I love your stitching onit, that must have taken ages.

  10. Niki,
    I'm a huge HAED fan, too! Your pieces are fabulous, and what a devoted friend to stitch on Michelle's RR. If there's a particular HAED group...count me in!! Deb in FL (Chatelaine Stitcher http://lavenroseramblings.blogspot.com/


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