Oh my! Thank you!

I don't know what I've done right recently to deserve this, but I've been blessed with two wonderful parcels today.

First up was a complete mystery. An envelope from Finland. It was a gorgeous RAK from Virpi who found me on the RAK Registry and thought she'd surprise me. Well, she did! She sent me this lovely little needlebook with some travel scissors and a postcard.

The needlebook has some needles inside and a cute Finnish flag on the back. It's great. It has such a Scandinavian look to it. Thank you so much Virpi! Such a lovely surprise. I thought about using the scissors on the flight home but I'd hate for them to be confiscated, so I'll keep them for travel projects that don't involve flying!

And if that wasn't enough - I got the most amazing stash parcel from Vicky. Just look at it all...

I'm so stunned I really don't know what to say about this except that every single thing is wonderful and will definitely be used! The Silkweaver fabric is 40ct Georgia Clay and is perfect - I wanted some of this but couldn't afford it initially and then they sold out. It's saying 'Quaker sampler' to me - maybe the Beatrix Potter one dear Becky gave me. Thank you Vicky - you're amazing!

Honestly, blogging friends like these are too good to be true. Thank you both so much.


  1. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Ooh, what lovely goodies! Enjoy your new stash, you deserve it :)

  2. What lovely goodies - well deserved I say!! Love that wee needlebook you received.

  3. Great gifts, Nicki, and fully deserved! :)

  4. Lovely gifts Nicki, especially the needlebook

  5. Sweet goodies and kindness for a very sweet and kind lady!
    It's all a circle :)

  6. lol.. Vicky parcels are always cool ( i got one this morning too) she is the master at finding the perfect treats..
    and Georgia Clay certainly says quaker sampler to me too
    i love the little needlebook too..
    you got pressies cos of all the good karma you spread around the cyber stitchy world

  7. You have some lovely gifties there - and all very well deserved! Great to see the RAK Registry being used too :D

  8. Oh, what lovely and thoughtful gifts, Nicki! Love the needlebook and the Georgia Clay fabby is gorgeous... Enjoy your gifts... :-)

  9. Lovely gifts and so very sweet and thoughtful of Vicky and Virpi.


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