Saturday, March 10, 2007

Photo Hunt - Salty & Architecture

I missed the Photo Hunt last week because of all the birthday goodies I had to share, so here's two for the price of one.

Last week's theme - Salty.

This is the statue outside the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier. I thought it captured a real sea feeling, and what's more salty than the sea?!

And this week's - Architecture.

I'm a bit short on digital architecture photos. New Zealand is a young country and its architecture is mostly modern. It does have some beautiful villas and a few older buildings but I've never taken photos of those. All my most interesting photos are older ones from before we moved here. They need scanning, and since our computer broke our scanner hasn't been connected. So this is one of the few decent architecture photos I can access - it's a shot of the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey in Scotland. I've posted a picture from here before but I don't think I've posted this one.


  1. New Zealand has been a country that's frequented in my and my relatives' talking. One of our youth just visited it around Christmas, so I've seen a lot of photos and heard a lot of stories from there - and just two days ago I was watching a travel program from the on the TV! It seems like a very fascinating country...

    Nice double-post you have here. Mine's up too :)

  2. Great photo.
    Mine is up too.

  3. I have friends who have been to New Zealand and they said very beautiful things about it.

    Love this beautiful structure.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Fabulous pictures, especially the architecture one. I would love to see those ruins in Scotland at some point.

  5. What nice pictures..another place I would like to visit

  6. I love New Zealand! Great picture!

    I played too. http:/

  7. Way back in the 1960s my great aunt traveled down to New Zealand and brought us kids back souvenirs. I still have my tacky (though wood!) souvenir ruler with 8 scenic photos on it (I still use it all the time). One is the Parliament Buildings down there. Very cool. But not as cool as your shot in the old cemetery. :-)

  8. The ruins are lovely. I try to imagine the chapel that was once there. Great shot... and salty as well.

  9. These are both great. Love the one of the ruins - looks so peaceful. Great choices to fit the themes.

  10. I'd like to go to NZ someday.

    Mine's up :)

  11. I have just finished listening to a short history of Scotland. The culture there is so old that it is hard to grasp. I would love to be able to visit there sometime. Thank you for the photo.

  12. Well-done.
    Nothing like a double shot of SPH fun.
    Thanks for visiting mine.
    Waving at you from New York,

  13. Your photos are great! I love the picture you choose for Salty

  14. Two for one, lucky us!!!
    I like your architecture pic too. And modern architecture is also appealing, some new constructions have been made with taste.
    Happy hunt and thanks for dropping by :)